Mastering Kite Control


Mastering Kite Control
Mastering Kite Control


Dan Sweeney



Beach Safety

Personal confidence and general Kite Controls or Kite Skills can often be overseen for some new Kiteboarders. You generally work through the key demonstrations of your Kite skills through your lessons and although you may have achieved the tasks at hand – how much do you trust in your Kite Skills and how confidant are you?

Step-by-step Guide

Your Kite is your energy creating, wind loving machine! How much do you understand the actual mechanics of your kite and do you know how to get the best out of your Kite? You could ask a retail expert at SHQ or ask one of our trainer instructors if you have any questions but understanding your product inside out will build your confidence. How the Kite depowers, how the bridle works, how the settings work and how to get the most out of your Kite. Building your knowledge of “kite mechanics” and your gear will help your understanding. Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and can be dangerous. You may have learn lots through your lessons, but how much don’t you know….that you know you don’t know?

Don’t go wasting time waiting for the perfect conditions. If there is a safe environment and there is enough wind, get out there! Your piloting skills and confidence will rocket with more practise! Even if its body dragging, relaunching or even recreational flying practise, it all helps massively. The stronger your foundations, the easier you will learn.
While practising Kite control be a master of piloting your Kite. How well can you fly your Kite one handed with either left or right hand? Try hovering the Kite a few feet over the water (not over other people!) and see if you can do it one handed. Work your way around the wind window using the clock face number by number each time stopping and counting to 15 out loud, the kite must not move! Master this in light winds and your set to be a pro Kite flyer.
You should respect your Kites power and the potential it has. Remember to respect your gear and respect the power of the wind. Ensure you remind yourself of your safety systems each session and also practise the deep water safety pack down from time to time. You never know when you might need it. It may well save you from a big swim… or even your life!

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